Harmac Pacific is a producer of Northern Bleached Softwood Kraft (NBSK) pulp. This product is valued by many customers all over the world as a reinforcing fibre for papermaking applications and for other specialized applications that benefit from our fibre supply and process capability.


Global Markets

The Harmac Pacific mill has sold its products into the global market since the 1950's. The mill's location on a deep-sea port has always been a significant cost advantage when providing pulps to overseas customers. Europe has traditionally been Harmac's largest pulp market region, but Asian pulp markets have been growing rapidly in both size and in the need for higher quality pulps as their paper production expands to world scale. This region now accounts for more than 50% of Harmac's sales.


  Marketing, sales and distribution support for Nanaimo Forest Products Ltd is provided through the services of Coastal Pulp & Paper LLC at a cost that is considerably less than setting up a corporate marketing function.



Harmac Pulp in WarehouseHarmac Pacific Pulp Grades

Harmac Pacific pulps are made from mixtures of Douglas fir, hemlock/balsam and western red cedar chips. These wood species provide pulp fibres with an exceptionally wide range of properties, which are of considerable interest to papermakers. This diversity in product offerings has provided Harmac Pacific with an opportunity to develop a varied customer base servicing both commodity grades and specialized grades of paper and non-paper products.


Certified Quality Management System

Harmac Pacific places a high value on the quality of its pulp grades and has a quality management system certified to the ISO 9001 standard.  This certification is evidence that Harmac Pacific has the processes in place to recognize customer requirements and to plan, manufacture and deliver products which meet the most exacting end use specifications. 


View our ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate.



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